migRaven.24 / 7 - New Features

With migRaven.24 / 7 two new functions are available:

The Folder Self Service allows quick setup of shared folders for authorized users within the network.

The data Storage allows the automatic moving of unused files from the file system.

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Welcome to the online manual of migRaven!


migRaven.24/7 provides an accessible web interface for allocating data objects, allowing de-centralization and simplification of managed permissions management on your active file system by the departments directly involved.

In the header menu you will find the individual steps for using and setting up migRaven.24 / 7.

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migRaven.one is the tool for easy migration of complex file server structures while building the necessary Microsoft-compliant NTFS permissions.

In the pages menu you will find the individual steps for the use of migRaven.one

Under FAQ Find suggested solutions for known cases and problem situations.

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-> Step 1 - Preparing for installation

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Flatten in the database

With this adaptation, the previous accounts are read from the one domain and converted directly into the new accounts.

This variant can also be used whenever accounts have been renamed, for example, and the previous SAM may be found in another field.

The cypher input looks like this:

<add key = "Flatten" value = "y.type = 'person' with collect (y.sAMAccountName) as col match (y: ADAccount {domain: 'axusr.net'}) where y.sAMAccountName in col and y. isactive = 'True' and not y.sAMAccountName starts with, S-1, and not y.objectGUID = "" />

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Project status is on -1

If a project is on -1, eg because saving was not completed correctly, it can be adjusted in the database.

(This query will set all projects to 0)

The query is:

match (u: Project) set u.status = '0' return u

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Adaptations of a foreign database for local use

In order to use a foreign database, some adjustments have to be made in the database itself.

For this, all local machine names must be adapted.

This concerns 16 Propetries:

Node <Services> PropName (String) PropValue (String)
migRavenDBServiceHost neo4jdatabasemachine PC 02
migRavenDBServiceHost databaseserviceurl net.tcp: // PC 02: 10291
migRavenDBServiceHost resourcescanimportpath \\ PC 02 \ c $ \ Program Data \migRaven\ Resource Scan Service \ Import
migRavenDBServiceHost admonitorimportpath \\ PC 02 \ c $ \ Program Data \migRaven\ AdMonitorService \ Import
migRavenDBServiceHost machine PC 02
migRavenDBServiceHost adscanimportpath \\ PC 02 \ c $ \ Program Data \migRaven\ AdScanService \ Import
migRavenADScanServiceHost adscanserviceurl http://PC-02:8099
migRavenADScanServiceHost machine PC 02
migRavenADScanServiceHost ExportPath \\ PC 02 \ c $ \ Program Data \migRaven\ AdScanService \ Export
Services coreserviceurl net.tcp: // PC 02: 8999
Services machine PC 02
migRavenWeb reportexportpath \\ PC 02 \ c $ \ Program Files \migRavenWeb \ Downloads
migRavenWeb machine PC 02
migRavenResource Scan Service Host resourcescanserverurl http://pc-02:8077
migRavenResource Scan Service Host machine pc-02
migRavenResource Scan Service Host ExportPath \\ pc-02 \ c $ \ Program Data \migRaven\ Resource Scan Service \ Export

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Directory Application Configuration (Folder Self Service)

The Folder Self Service allows exchange folders with a set authorization for individual users, a group or a user migRaven Create role.

The corresponding folder is automatically created in the live system, authorized accordingly and will be deleted after a predefined time, as long as its term is not extended.

The configuration menu is located in the WebClient under Configuration / Directory Request
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Project is not displayed in the UI

After the scan, the data is stored in the Neo4j database. Once this process is completed (saves to Db) the project should be set to 0 status, before that should migRaven under no circumstances be terminated.

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Exclude folders / paths / files from Scan

Each ResourceScanServiceHost exists under the label Service 3 attributes:


In order to exclude desired paths, folders or files from the scan, the respective values ​​must be entered here. All projects that are scanned or rescanned after this change are subject to the filter.

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HTTP Error 403.14

If the browser shows the 403.14 error message when the Web client is invoked,you should look in the Windows features for the solution:

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Adapt database heap size

Depending on the configuration of migRaven, it is recommended to adjust the heap size in the database config, otherwise there could be difficulties with the saving process in the database.

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migRaven Update 6.2.1828

Bug fixes:

-Correct representation of the texts in the selected language

Report group memberships displays the complete user information

-Resource Scan Service can be uninstalled, paused or restarted cleanly

Database is adjusted correctly with ReScan if major changes have occurred in the domain

If the name of the target share in a redesign project contains the name of the source share, the new share in the name will no longer be doubled in the nominal state

Account Management in the Migration Client lists only the user accounts instead of each entry containing the string you are looking for

Table Import Target state is created correctly

Database is completely cleaned up when a project is deleted

-Diverse display errors

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