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migRaven.24 / 7 Data Archiving for File Servers (Data Retention)

Essentially, it's about a whole new way of archiving data on file servers. Contrary to conventional systems, which did not want to change the structure for fear of the end user. Is it the primary purpose of migRaven to bring about a change. migRaven.24 / 7 ensures that as data comes up to the file server, data also leaves the server according to rules or AdHoc. It is the unbridled data growth of recent years to stop.

The big advantage in our method lies in the splitting of the data into an active and passive memory area. And so a TRANSPARENT exit strategy for files and directories can be offered.
In the documentation you will find all necessary steps to get the system up and running. This should not take more than 1-2 hours including installation!

Folder Self Service

This feature is directly related to the large number of our consulting projects in recent years. Exchanging directories are a huge challenge for IT departments.

The user needs them - and immediately.

The result was usually always the same solution: one has offered completely open shelves to the user, in the hope that he kills what he packs there. Experience shows that this hope is confirmed.
The Folder Self Service now offers a completely new flexibility in dealing with the directories:
The users can create themself on the basis of templates - The ownerships and permissions manage and am also provided for the deletion of the data. Now you do not have to worry anymore that important secret data that is worth protecting us is accessible to users for whom they should not be.

Instructions for Users & Data Owners:

By Folder Self Service Employees manage their exchange and project directories themselves. Similarly, all data owners can use the preconfigured ones Data Retention Policies for the storage of old data.

Because these functions are to be used heavily by users, we also supply the following two manuals for the departments.

User Guide: Folder Self Service

User Guide: Data Retention

Problem explained in the video: That's why you need migRaven.24/7

31.05.2019 | 04: 36 minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell

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