Authorization Analysis

Frequently, IT is asked the question where a user is authorized everywhere. This usually very time-consuming question is answered quickly and in detail by the account authorizations analysis. If required, the result can be exported to Excel, for example, to discuss with supervisors, the CSO or Data Owners.

The big advantage of this analysis is that it outputs all the essential details about the permissions. For each directory on which the account is authorized, the complete authorization path is displayed, that is, over which group membership (s) the right is set or whether the user is directly authorized. In addition, detailed information about each authorization entry (ACE) can also be analyzed.

Select the account (user or group) for which you want to analyze the permissions.

First, you will be shown a preview of the expected list, which will allow you to decide if you want to view the list in the web client or if you want to initiate the export directly. You can also start the export later from the list view. "

Via "View" the detailed list can now be generated or the Excel export can be triggered immediately.

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