Account-Report / E-Mail Configuration

1. Account Report

The migRaven WebClient can show and export specific User-Information.

In the main menu available under Resource Analytics you can find the sub-option Account Report.

In the search box Selevt an account you can search the database for single user.
With the funner-symbol on the right side, you can set specific terms before running the search.

With a click on the Start-Button you will receive a diagram with simplified results in a small graphic.

You can chose to view the evaluation in a list or to export it within a .xlsx file.
If you chose to export it, you will receive a mail with the download-link for your .xlsx file.

2. E-Mail configuration

Within migRaven, you have the option to send different reports via mail to selected users.
For this to happen, you have to configure some setting in the migRaven client:


Under configuration in the migration client, you can set the parameter by entering Email Configuration / Company Email Configuration .

Within SMTP-Host you set the e-mial server in use (zb.

Within Port you set the standard SMTP-Port 587 .

Within E-Mail Adress you set the e-mail adress in use for this purpose.

WithinPassword you enter the password for the User, entered in the E-Mail adress above.

TLS (Transport Layer Security) ,
(better known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL))

With the options On or Off you can activate or deactivate the security-protocol for the posted emails.


If everything is correct, you can click on Save Changes to save the current settings.

Reset sets everything back to the last saved status.

The first time use opens another windows for the user:


Enter here your email adress and and click Send Test Mail to confirm.
(You can use another e-mail than the one above. The only reason for this setting is to receive the confirmation-email with the code, its not more than
a test to check on the entered settings)

(migRaven will draw your attention if the configuration is wrong . In this case, return with Cancel back to the previous screen
and check again if all the settings are correct.)

You will receive a mail with a 5-character code. Enter the code and press Confirm .
(When in doubt, check your spam-folder)


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