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Category: Step 4: Fileserver Scan

2.3 File Server Create Resource Scan Service (FAT)

This Windows service is required to read the directory structures with all meta information from the directory and write them to the database. The service will be local on the migRaven Server installed.

If you open the migRaven home page, you will find a greyed out project selection. To be able to create a corresponding project and perform a file server scan, you must first install the Resource Scan Service. The option for this can be found under configuration.

Select the menu item for the Remote services.

Under the point Resource Scan Services you can create a new service. Click on it New Resource Scan Service.

Enter your Machinename (FQDN) of the local computer.

(In my example: vm-XNUMX.test.local)

Under Account the account is set with which the service is subsequently authorized. It must have read and write access to all file servers to be scanned, Typically, this is a service account created or a domain administrator. Enter the corresponding account password and click on To confirm.

  • If an error message is displayed, check whether the export folder (green marking) has been created correctly and create it yourself if necessary. Under the standard installation, the path should look like this:

\\ vm-2012.test.local \ c $ \ Program Data \migRaven\ Resource Scan Service \ Export

click on Install.

The displayed window is not an error, but is displayed with each started Resource Scan Service. Just click OK to close starten You the service. In the next step, the final details will be prepared.

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