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Connecting migRaven to Novell

migRaven can be used for migrating Novell file server structures to Microsoft. The advantage of migrating with migRaven is the automatic transfer of the authorizations to Microsoft for timely structuring of all necessary authorization groups and list authorizations so that the access authorizations under Windows function exactly as under Novell.

In order to collect authorization information from your Novell servers, two paths are used:

1. Transfer of the trustee-files from the Novell server

Depending upon your Novell-version, the trustee-data can be extracted using different methods.

In Netware, a CSV-file can be generated with the Trustee.nlm, which contains the required trustee-information. However, the content of the file must be modified for migRaven.

On Open Enterprise Server, the trustee-files already exist with the name .trustee_database.xml.  For the conversion into a CSV-file, we have made available a PowerShell-Script. Please note, that Novell has changed the structure of the xml-file in the course of time, and therefore the PowerShell script must be adapted to your OES-version.

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