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Project typ “Novell Migration”

Case Instructions Novell Migration

You can find our complete Novell migration instructions here: Instructions – from Novell to Microsoft

View – visual interface

The view is the visual representation of the authorization structure, once the read (initial state) and after the “Design & Work” the planned authorization structure (new state).

1. Initial state – the read authorization structure

The “View initial state” is the only component of the project type “Migration per Scan”. It shows the authorization structure of a read Windows-Share.

After reading the output directory, migRaven lands in the View – initial state.
You can move on the left side by the directory structure. On the right hand side you see the authorized groups and accounts and their rights for a directory selected on the left hand side. Below that you can display the members of the groups, the accounts, you may change or all members entitled to this directory.

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Table mode

1. Mapping Permissions

The first step in the table mode is the mapping of permissions.

Only then can you fill your table to set permissions.

2. Filling Table

The data is inserted here depending on the type of project. In case of “Scan Your resources“, the data is taken over from the initial state with the help of the button “Start filling”. The excel tables can be read in the “Import or create a table” and “Novell-migration“.

Further in all the types of projects it is possible to manually insert rows and change values. Here you must pay attention to the syntax of the field content and the column headers.

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permission mapping

After scanning your shares the permission mapping table is displayed, if in the scanned share permissions were found, which deviate from the standard permissions. These permissions can be converted into standard permissions through the mapping table.

1. The standard permissions for migRaven

Permission            type          Propagation (applicates to)

Read and Execute      Allow         this folder, sub folder, files
Write                 Allow         this folder, sub folder, files
Modify                Allow         this folder, sub folder, files
Modify Plus*          Allow         this folder, sub folder, files   (more about ModifyPlus)
Full Control          Allow         this folder, sub folder, files

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Role Mining Novell Trustees

1. Converting all Novell Rights Information

Under Novell one can place permissions (Trusts) on other objects than only on users or groups. We integrated an intelligent role mining mechanism into migRaven, which guarantees that no information is lost, but all translated into suitable permission group structures, which corresponds with Microsoft Best Practice.

1.1. This is how it works:

  1. The group type for the permission group is defined in migRaven: Domain local, global, or universal groups are available for selection
  2. Definition of the name concept for the permission groups

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Drag & Drop

In Drag & Drop mode the scanned permissions are represented in a directory tree.

The Drag & Drop mode stands out because of the fact that the user- and group-names do not need to be written manually any more. To set permissions, you can search objects like users or groups in the AD, put them in a clipboard, and then draw from there or from anywhere in the current tree to any folder in the new draft, therefore “Drag and Drop”.

1. Create your future directories

There are two possibilities to generate the directories for the future folder structure:

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How to Design & Work

Two processes to edit permissions

Since version 3.1, migRaven features the additional Drag & Drop mode for allocating permissions. The “Table Mode” is well known, in which the objects to be permitted are entered in the table. The new mode stands out especially by the fact that the user- and group names do not need to be written any more. One can select objects in the AD, park them in an intermediate repository and from there draw them over from any directory of the initial position to a target directory.

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Start display
GPO project      GPO project
Redesign      Redesign (Scan your resources: Share or subfolder of a share)
Novell      Reading of Novell permissions
Tabellen-Import      Import or create a chart with directories and permissions
deutsch      German
englisch      English
Lizenz      Licence informations
Report-Generator       Report generator
maximieren      Maximize window

Active Directory 
Active Directory import and statistics
AD ansehen      View Active Directory
ADs neu einlesen      Rescan Active Directories

AD Objects
lokale Gruppe      Domain local group
Globale Gruppe      Global group
Universelle Gruppe      Universal group
Benutzer      User account
Administrator      Administrator account
Computer      Computer account

AD View
Computer      Computers
Benutzer      Groups
Benutzer      Users 
Direct      Direct membership respectively direct member
Indirect      Indirect membership respectively indirect member

List of projects
AD ansehen      View project
Projekt bearbeiten      Edit project
Projekt nochmal erzeugen      Rescan project
Projekt löschen      Delete project
Projektinformationen      View project information

View and Design & Work
Tree View
Unterverzeichnisse vorhanden      subfolder available, display by clicking
explizite Berechtigung       explicit permission, set here
ToggleCollapsedExt      explicit permission in now invisible subfolder

Permissions Windows
I        Inheritance
Prp      Propagation
Recht Deny       Deny 
S        Special
F        Full Control
M        Modify
R/E      Read & Execute
R        Read
L        List
W        Write

Propagation_7    This Folder, Subfolders and Files (standard)
Propagation_4    This Folder Only (common to list groups)

Propagation_6    This Folder and Subfolders
Propagation_5    This Folder and Files
Propagation_3    Subfolders and Files
Propagation_2    Subfolders
Propagation_1    Files

Vererbung Explizit       Explicit
Vererbung vererbt       Inherited
Vererbung unterbrochen       Inheritance is interrupted
Recht gesetzt       permission set

Project types

migRaven proposes three types of projects:


  1. Scan Your resources  (a Share or directory tree is read)
  2. Novell migration (Trustee information is imported)
  3. Import a table (predefined structures can be imported from an Excel table)


Start menu

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Project typ “Scan Resources”

1. For each Share a new project

1.1. Reading directories and permissions

In migRaven one always works with a project. This is the logical unit, which is to be processed. This can, for example, be a share or a directory below a share. In ideal cases it is the point, which is also mounted by the users or is connected in the DFS. Thereby it is ensured, that all permissions – including the list permissions – are correctly created by migRaven.

1.2. Best Practice: for each Share a new project is placed

When you define the individual shares as standalone projects, then you have time to process this in peace and “Step by Step” to copy the data in the new directories and then provide these to the users.

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