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Case Instructions Novell Migration

You can find our complete Novell migration instructions here: Instructions – from Novell to Microsoft

Role Mining Novell Trustees

1. Converting all Novell Rights Information

Under Novell one can place permissions (Trusts) on other objects than only on users or groups. We integrated an intelligent role mining mechanism into migRaven, which guarantees that no information is lost, but all translated into suitable permission group structures, which corresponds with Microsoft Best Practice.

1.1. This is how it works:

  1. The group type for the permission group is defined in migRaven: Domain local, global, or universal groups are available for selection
  2. Definition of the name concept for the permission groups

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How does the Novell connector work?

Authorizations are transferred from Novell to Microsoft on the basis of the Trustee Information of the appropriate Novell Volume.

Under Novell it is possible not only to assign rights to users and groups but moreover to other projects from the active directory, like organization units. The use of OUs for assigning authorizations is a simple method, as new objects need not be created anymore. Furthermore it is common practice in Novell to create rights directly on the user level.

The Novell Connector of migRaven is in the position to transfer all these rights sensibly in the Microsoft world. Prerequisite: The user accounts have been replicated to Microsoft and have been assigned via the SAM.

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