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Step 1: preparation for the installation

1. Check system requirements of migRaven:


2. Installation of .net Framework 4.5.2

.net 4.5 can be downloaded here:

3. Installation of Java

migRaven 3.2 needs migRaven database v2.2.x and Java 8.51, 64 bit.

Download:    Java 8.51     Java 8.91     Java 8.101



For an uncomplicated start, our support-team guides you per remote-session through the installation process and accompanies you through all functions relevant for you. After only 30-60 minutes, migRaven is ready and can be used for 21 days without any restriction for visualization, evaluation and analysis of your directory- and rights structure. Please check in advance the system prerequisites – further preparations are not necessary.

free guided trial

 If you do not wish for further help, feel free to download the installation packages and follow the instructions below.
If questions arise during testing, you are always welcome to contact us!


4. Download migRaven and database

You should install both the components on the same computer. Separating the program from the database can be beneficial for approx. 50,000 user accounts. We recommend to install migRaven on a client, in order to not to generate any load through the database on the file server during the scan.

Download migRaven setup:


Download migRaven database:


Please note that the linked version 3.2 is for Windows only. If you want to migrate from Novell, please contact our support to receive an individually configured migRaven-for-Novell version.

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