Category: 3. Licence


1. Licensing the active user accounts

migRaven is licensed for the number of the active AD accounts. One can count the number of active accounts to be licensed with our tool AD-Counter.

For licensing, we need this number of AD-Accounts, your FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and the sub-domain names that you want to include. This information will be encrypted in your license key.

2. Server-Licensing           New in version 2.1.1010

From the migRaven-Version 2.1.1010, it is possible to obtain licenses for servers. There are two variants:

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Where do I find my FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name)?

For a migRaven license based on user accounts, we need the FQDN of your domain. FQDN is the “Fully Qualified Domain Name”. We must differentiate here between the FQDN of the domain and the FQDN of the computer. The FQDN of the computer consists of the computer name and the FQDN of the domain, for example “Computer.test.local”. We need the FQDN of the domain, in this case “test.local”.

1. AD-Counter

Please use our licensing-tool AD-Counter to determine the number of useraccounts, that we base the licencing of migRaven on.

If you use subdomains you must specify these additionally while ordering the license. The subdomains are entered into the license key in coded format, so migRaven will be able to scan these (sub-) domains.

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