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migRaven Release Notes

migRaven Version 5.0.1003, Database-Version, Release Date 05/17/2016


Prior to installing this new version of migRaven, any previous versions, currently installed, will need to be completely removed. To begin with, stop the “migRaven Database” service.
Then “migRaven” and “migRavenDB” can be uninstalled using ‘Programs and Features’ from the Control Panel in Windows. Finally, the contents of the following directory need to be deleted: “c:\Program Files\migRavenDB\DB\data”. It contains data from the old version of migRaven, which is no longer compatable with this release.

After these steps have been completed, the new version and database can be installed (in any order).






The biggest change in this release of migRaven is the “GPO” project (Group Policy Object), which migrates Share permissions assisted by Group Policies. This makes it possible to process enormous amounts of data in under an hour. The new permissions are saved to the original Share and the old permissions are deleted. This is in contrast to the “Redesign-Project”, which requires the creation of a new, empty Share. Therefore, the need to copy data is eliminated.

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