Colleague Check

In the AD-view you will find the function "Analyze group accounts" a second function, the "Analyze plausibility of group accounts" (Colleague check).

In the colleague check, you can display, as well as the users are connected to each other over the groups. A user that appears in the left window is selected. To the right, all users are displayed, for which the first one has a connection over the groups. If you click on a user, the members appear in the middle window, in which they are both members, directly or indirectly. Here now one group is selected, and in the lower window appears the selected group and the right and left both the users. Both the users are direct members of the group.

Both users are in the group Everyone.

Colleague Check 1

Direct membership

In indirect membership to the left and right nested or interleaved groups are displayed. In the example, the selected users are "8m_dl_km ltd2_accounting_li".

Colleague Check 2

Indirect Membership

AD attributes.

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