controls in view mode


The buttons for displaying the “Current status” and the “Target status” act as enable and disable functions. Each of this status displays consists of two windows. By operating a button, both the windows are shown and/or hidden.

The windows that appear can change their position.

Positioning of the window

Positioning of the window

Illustration: Here the control elements for changing the position of the window are represented.

Image 1 and 2:  By dragging the header, a window is disengaged.

Image 3: By docking the cursor on a direction arrow, the possible new location is highlighted in grey color. By releasing the cursor, the window is placed there.


You can also pull out the window from the migRaven-window, and park outside. In migRaven, you can then switch to another function. It is however not possible to display the data of various projects at the same time.


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