Deploy data

Data migration per Robocopy interface

New function from migRaven Version 2.1.0!

We complement our migration tool migRaven with an additional function. After creating the target directory with the newly created authorizations, the data are to be copied. Thereby the new function “Deploy Data” supports the user.

migRaven uses the Robocopy command and recommends the necessary parameters, which the user must then copy and execute in a batch. Robocopy is a very flexible copying tool with over 70 parameters and is already installed on your Windows computer.

All Robocopy parameters are available with Microsoft on the Technet page.

1. Required settings

The output path, the target path and location and name of a log file are the required parameters.

Deploy Data 1

2. Optional settings

Some parameters can be supplemented by clicking. At least one of these parameters

/E (all sub-directories, including the empty) or
/S (all sub-directories, without the empty ones)

must be supplemented so that the job does its work.



/XD directories can be excluded
/XF the user can specify the files to be excluded
/256 only paths with up to a length of 256 characters are considered

Deploy Data 2

3. Pre-defined settings

Deploy Data 3

4. Final result

The Deploy Data is a Robocopy script, which you transfer into a batch and can execute on the output- or the target server. Your data is therefore copied from the output directory into your target directory. Log files are stored under “c:\temp”.

This automatic copy function can be naturally used only where the directory structure was not changed.

5. The Share-Name

Afterwards please check whether your target share has the correct name. The target share should often get the name of the output share. After copying, You can rename both.


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