database check

The database neo4j used by migRaven requires Java.

In order to consider the status, there is a web-based dashboard. One can reach this dashboard via the link http://localhost:7474 or

Neo4j-Status mit localhost 7474

If you can see this screen, then runs the database!

The web access is restricted by default to “localhost”, which ensures that one cannot access from outside. If you want to separate application and database, which is definitely sensible in large scenarios (which concerns the number of accounts and the scope of the projects), one can call the database remotely. For this adjustments in migRaven and in the database configuration must be however made.

Further interesting information on your database

Under http://localhost:7474/webadmin/#  you will find information on the stored data volumes.

Under http://localhost:7474/webadmin/#/info/org.neo4j/Kernel/  and the entry “StoreDirectory”, learn in which directory is your database.

(The links function only if you have installed the database on your computer)

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