Where do I find my fully qualified domain name (FQDN)?

For a migRaven license based on user accounts, we need the FQDN of your domain. FQDN is the "Fully Qualified Domain Name ". We must differentiate here between the FQDN of the FQDN and the FQDN of the computer. The FQDN of the computer name and the FQDN of the domain, for example "Computer.test.local". We need the FQDN of the domain, in this case "test.local".

1. AD-Counter

Please use our licensing tool AD-Counter to determine the number of useraccounts, that we base the licensing of migRaven one.

If you use subdomains you must specify this while ordering the license. The subdomains are entered in the license key in coded format, so migRaven wants to be able to scan these (sub-) domains.

2. Where do I find the FQDN of my domain?

There are several ways to show the FQDN of your domain.

2.1. Administration of the Active Directory Users and Computers

You can call the administration of the Active Directory Users and Computers with "dsa.msc". The FQDN of your domain is on the domain symbol.

Domain name

2.2. Content of the Environment Variables% userDNSdomain%

The environment variable% userDNSdomain% contains the FQDN. In the commando console, you can display the content of the variables by entering: echo% userDNSdomain% or set userDNSdomain.



2.3. Wer bin ich

If you call "WhoAmI" with the parameter "/ FQDN", your user name is displayed with the FQDN of your domain.

Call: whoami / FQDN.

The FQDN is part of the displayed name. The contents of the DC parameters separated with a point result in the FQDN: test.local.

whoami / FQDN

3. The complete computer name - FQHN (Fully Qualified Host Name)

If the FQDN is extended by a server name, then one talks about the complete computer name or host name.

The FQHN describes / addresses a computer clearly.

Example: servername.test.local

The server name is required for the server licensing.

4. subdomains

A subdomain could be berlin.test.local. This name is rarely differentiated from FQHN (from host name). One can anticipate only in name components like svr or sub, whether or not it is a complete computer name or subdomain.

Please specify the subdomains while ordering the license, which should be scanned by migRaven and whose accounts belong to the specified user number. Subdomains do not cost extra.

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