Group naming

The names of the groups created by migRaven can be freely defined within certain parameters.

If the authorization groups created by migRaven are later used by 8MAN, then the group names are to be already agreed upon with the possibilities of 8MAN.

GK Name en

Constituent parts:

In the window to the left, you can activate or deactivate individual parts of the path for the creation of the group name. You can determine the sequence of the values on sorting. By selecting parts, you can guarantee a clear naming of the groups. The directory name is obligatory, that means it cannot be unselected, likewise also the suffix.


You can choose here as to how the separator should look like. Blanks space “ ”, underscore “_” and hyphen “-” are available at your disposal.

Name Parts:

The sequence of the individual parts of the names selected by you can be freely chosen.

The Prefix

The prefix offers the possibility to place a fixed value before every group generated by migRaven. This can be freely selected. With this you quickly recognize the permitted groups that are generated by migRaven.

Group type

The type of group is selected by you using the tab “Type”. You can choose one or more letters to indicate which group type this permission group has.


The transfer of the server name in the name of the permission group is voluntary. Under the tab “Type” an OU is provided for the permission group. Under this, an OU is placed with the server name, in which the permission group is placed. The assignment is unambiguously.

However, if you have the same Share names with the same sub-folders on different servers, the details of the server name is required in the permitting name. Identical group names are not permitted in Windows.


The transfer of the share name in the name of the permission group is also voluntary. But, this should be used. Sometimes under different shares there are similar subindices, like “User” or “Data”. Hence, this would result in equal named permission groups.


The directory is an obligatory part of the name of the permission group.

The Suffix

The suffixes are given corresponding to the group-rights. The right table shows the suffix provided. This can be changed under the tab “Permissions”.  The suffix is obligatory and placed at the end of the group name.


In the preview you receive a visual impression of the structure of the names for the permission groups.


When finished, the configuration must be saved.


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