Optimizing the migraine database

Like any other database, the neo4j database is faster, if you access data in the main memory, without having to collect it from the hard disk.

For this reason, each customer should adjust the settings for the database individually in its computer. Values ​​of 80% of available main memory are ideal on the computer.

4GB RAM, then the value should be set to 3.2 GB. One can make this setting in the "conf \ neo4j-wrapper.conf". This exists in the directory tree of the database.

In these cases, change the values ​​as follows:

adaptation of neo4j memory usage

The value "initmemory" defines how many main memories are reserved and maintained while starting the neo4j service. One can define it a little lower.

The value "maxmemory" define the maximum.

Both the values ​​are decisive for the performance while accessing the data in the database. 5000 AD accounts in environments, machines with more than 6 GB of RAM are necessary.

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