Permission suffix

1. New from migRaven Version 2.1.1010:

  • Now it is possible to change the group suffix – this is particularly useful for 8MAN-users
  • With the new authorization group ModifyPlus, you can protect the authorization end points in a targeted manner from accidental deletion by the user

In case of authorization groups, one marks with a file attachment, which rights does this group has on the directory. This group suffix can now be changed.

GK Rechte en

2. Designation

Authorization groups can be created for following rights:

–  Read and Execute  –   Read and Execute
–  Write                       –   Write
–  Modify                     –   Modify
–  Modify Plus          –   Modify, but prevent deletion of the authorization end point
–  Full Control              –   Full access
–  List                          –   Corresponds with “Read and Execute” and is always assigned for “Only this folder”

3. Suffix

In the column “Suffix”, you can now change the attachment. This is very useful if you already use 8MAN Access Right Management or if the creation of the authorization groups is subject to certain rights in your network, which you must adapt in accordance with migRaven.

4. Evident

In this column, you can select which right is to be displayed in your authorization management. Accordingly the table is to appear, which you want to take per bulk import.


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