Project Management

What exactly is a project?

In migRaven one always works with a project. This is the logical unit, which is to be processed. This can, for example, be a share or a directory below a share. In ideal cases it is the point, which is also mounted by the users or is connected in the DFS. Thereby it is ensured, that all permissions – including the list permissions – are correctly created by migRaven.

When you define the individual shares as standalone projects, then you have time to process this in peace and “Step by Step” to copy the data in the new directories and then provide these to the users.

In the project management, you find your projects that have been started and generated. You can find your project again quickly with a meaningful project name.
Further the time of the previous processing, the source- and the target-path are displayed.

Projektliste en

Project Management


The status specifies the current processing condition of the project:
0   the source path was scanned, you can create your new structure
1   The new structure has been created, Design & Work was successfully finished
2   Deploy groups has been successfully finished
3   Deploy ACL has been successfully finished


The following actions with relation to the project can be carried out:

View project                switch to view mode
Edit project                 switch to Design & Work mode, a processing however is only possible in the status 0
Rescan project            is only possible in the status 0
Delete project              this project is removed
Project information       corresponds to the project statistics
Errors in project           which must be repaired before the migration


By clicking a column head you can sort out the project corresponding to this column.

All projects are deleted completely by removing the database – sub directory c:\Program Files\migRavenDB\DB\data\ .

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