Project types

migRaven proposes three types of projects:


  1. Scan Your resources  (a Share or directory tree is read)
  2. Novell migration (Trustee information is imported)
  3. Import a table (predefined structures can be imported from an Excel table)


Start menu

A project contains the complete operation run of reading the permissions, over the new structure of the permissions till the placing of the permissions in the AD and the writing of the directories in an empty file server share.


1. Your resources

While scanning a resource the permissions of a Share are read, restructured according to Microsoft Best Practice and written in a new Share.

Resource scan


2. Novell migration

In the Novell-migration it is thus possible, to take over permissions from a Novell-server and transfer them to a Windows server. For this purpose, two methods are used. On the one hand the .trustee_database.xml-file, which is available for every volume, is drawn and converted into a table. In this the permissions are processed. Over the second method, an LDAP-connection, the members of the groups mentioned in the .trustee_database.xml, OUs and roles are drawn from the eDirectory. On the basis of this information corresponding to Microsoft Best Practice NTFS permission structures are built, which greatly correspond to the Novell-permissions, and are placed on the Windows-server.

Novell migration


3. Import a table

In the table import it is possible to take over possible permissions from a table, for example an Excel table. This is structured new corresponding to Microsoft Best Practice and a new Share is written.

Table import


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