Read in a complete AD

During start-up, migRaven scans for domains. The found domains are displayed after the start-up. At least one of the found domains must be tagged. This is displayed after pressing the button "Read in a complete AD / Forest". At the same time all users and groups are left to each other, ie the memberships and members are read. The found objects and their connections to each other are stored in migRavens Graph Database.


The AD scan is a snapshot of your AD. migRaven works with this image. migRaven does not automatically recognize new users and groups created in the AD after scanning this image. This is a Rescan in the migRaven-database.

New authorization structures are initially created in this database, to some extent simultaneously. After that, the functions "Deploy Groups" and "Deploy ACLs" write the final structures on the server, ie in the AD and in the intended Share.

After scanning the AD, you should look into the Configuration involve migRaven to say where the permission groups to be created should be stored, which file type they should have, how their name should be created and where list groups should be created.

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