Set access rights

migRaven has powerful algorithms, which greatly simplifies the complete process of re-granting the access. These algorithms follow these principles:

  • No interruption in permission inheritance (only in exceptions)
  • Only authorizations in groups
  • Application of the A-G-DL-P principle or a modification depending on configuration
  • List authorizations are automatically set by migRaven
  • Minimum authorizations: There are as many authorizations in the total in the root, as were authorized on the complete path.

Following advantages arise:

  • You must take care of only the authorizations at the authorization end points. -> this is where the real permission is set (e.g. Change or Read)
  • The help authorizations are automatically generated by migRaven. -> All list rights
  • Groups are automatically generated by migRaven and are provided correctly with names.

That result:
you only need to take care of the directories, which are the authorization end points.


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