Step 2: database installation

Automatic installation of the database

The pre-configured database is unzipped during the installation in the directory c:\Program Files\migRavenDB\DB. The service for the database is automatically installed and started. The service has the name “Neo4j-Server”, “Neo4j Graph Database” is displayed. The service “migRavenDB” is called from the database version 2.1.6, “migRaven Graph Database” is displayed”.

You can remove the service by calling “%programfiles%\migRavenDB\DB\bin\Neo4jInstaller.bat remove” as administrator.


Optional: Manual installation of the database as service

Please start a CMD with the command: “%programfiles%\migRavenDB\DB\bin\Neo4jInstaller.bat install”. The DB is therefore registered and immediately started as service.


Directory structure of the database installation

c:\Program Files\migRavenDB
c:\Program Files\migRavenDB\DB                              contains the Neo4j-database
c:\Program Files\migRavenDB\DB\bin                        contains start programs for the database
c:\Program Files\migRavenDB\DB\data                      Directory can be deleted, if the database was terminated
c:\Program Files\migRavenDB\DB\data\graph.db      Database with your AD- and project data


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