Step 4: start migRaven and receive trial key

.net, Java, database and migRaven are installed? Request your license!

After the initial start, migRaven prompts you to enter a license. Please click on Request Test key. You will receive the test license immediately by email.

Request testkey or license

Request testkey

There is no limit to the length of the 21 days and the restriction that max. 19 access rights can be written.

Do not you have any internet access or licenses at a proxy?

  • Send us an email at:
  • So write here the requested data: first name, name. Email address
  • We want to send you a config file, which you save under "Program Data / migraven / config".

After loading the controls and the connection setup with the database, see the start screen of migRaven:

AD Scan

The first step is Reading in your AD, This is the basis for all further work steps.

Then follows the group configuration before you can create a project.

Step 3 - install migRaven <- Step 4 - first start

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