Start display
GPO project      GPO project
Redesign      Redesign (Scan your resources: Share or subfolder of a share)
Novell      Reading of Novell permissions
Table Import      Import or create a chart with directories and permissions
German      German
    English      English
License      License information
Report Generator       Report generator
maximize      Maximize window

Active Directory 
Active Directory import and statistics
Watch AD      View Active Directory
Rescan ADs      Rescan Active Directories

AD Objects
local group      Domain local group
Global group      Global group
Universal group      Universal group
User      User account
Administrator      Administrator account
computer      Computer account

AD View
computer      Computers
User      Groups
User      Users 
Direct      Direct membership or direct member
Indirect      Indirect membership or indirect member

List of projects
Watch AD      View project
Edit the project      Edit project
Create project again      Rescan project
Delete project      Delete project
project information      View project information

View and Design & Work
Tree view
Subdirectories available      subfolder available, display by clicking
explicit permission       explicit permission, set here
ToggleCollapsedExt      explicit permission in now invisible subfolder

Permissions Windows
I        Inheritance Prp Propagation
Right Deny       Deny 
S        Special
F        Full Control
M        Modify
RE      Read & Execute
R        Read
L        List
W        Write

Propagation_7    This Folder, Subfolders and Files (standard)
Propagation_4    This Folder Only (common to list groups)

Propagation_6    This Folder and Subfolders
Propagation_5    This Folder and Files
Propagation_3    Subfolders and Files
Propagation_2    subfolders
Propagation_1    Files

Inheritance Explicit       Explicit
Inheritance inherited       Inherited
Inheritance interrupted       Inheritance is interrupted
Right set       permission set

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