Transferring new access rights to an old share

If the “Green Meadow” cannot become the new storage location for your data, then the new ACLs can be transferred to the old area.

In addition to this, one must state that if need be, it can take a long time and is dependent on the number of files and directories, which should be authorized.

The transfer can take place with xcacls.

xcacls makes a backup copy of the ACLs in a backup file and this can be again included on the old path.

Following steps are useful:

  1. Count files in the old path and define time slot
  2. Backup of the ACLs with xcacls of new path (Green Meadow)
  3. Securing the old authorizations of the old path with xcacls (for security)
  4. Transfer all NTFS-ownerships of the old path -> must be pushed through for the entire tree
  5. Enforce the NTFS-authorizations of the root directory on the entire directory tree
  6. Set new minimum authorizations in the root directory, which should come into effect on all directories: Administrators, System?
  7. Bring in the NTFS security with xcacls

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