Updating migRaven

migRaven Version 3.2.1019 and Database Version

The database version  belongs to migRaven version 3.2.1019. This runs with Java 8, 64bit-Version.

1. Requirements

1.1. System Requirements

With reference to the hardware 8 GB RAM and minimum 2 core is needed.
The pre-requisite for version 3.2 is Java 8, 64 bit, and a 64bit- (Windows-) operating system.
Further a .NET framework version 4.52 is required.

1.2. Database Service

The database version belongs to migRaven 3.2.1019. The service is called “migRavenDB” and displayed as “migRaven Graph Database”.

2. Installation Instructions

2.1. uninstall existing components

For the installation of one of the two migRaven versions, we recommend the complete uninstallation of any existing version. All operating steps are to be carried out with administrative rights.

  1. Close the database service “migRaven Database” (“migRavenDB”)  in the service administration.
  2. Then in the system control the program “migRaven” is removed, likewise the database “migRavenDB”.
  3. The content of the database with its AD- and project–data will not be removed during the database -uninstallation. Therefore, you have to delete it manually. This data is located in c:\Program\Files\migRavenDB\DB\data\. Because of structural changes, the content from an older database cannot be used any more.

2.2. Installation of the new Components

  1. Now the new components can be installed in any order. The database is registered and started in the installation as service “migRavenDB”.
  2. After that you can start migRaven as administrator.


3. Checks

3.1. Version Check

In the system administration you can check, whether the correct versions are installed.



Version check for Java, migRaven and database


3.2. Check the Database

  1. In the service administration the service “migRavenDB” must be running.
  2. In a web browser you reach the database with “http://localhost:7474/”. The database web interface will appear with several options, e.g. showing the database version.

Neo4-DB 2.2.2.

migRaven database


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