View – visual interface

The view is the visual representation of the authorization structure, once the read (initial state) and after the “Design & Work” the planned authorization structure (new state).

1. Initial state – the read authorization structure

The “View initial state” is the only component of the project type “Migration per Scan”. It shows the authorization structure of a read Windows-Share.

After reading the output directory, migRaven lands in the View – initial state.
You can move on the left side by the directory structure. On the right hand side you see the authorized groups and accounts and their rights for a directory selected on the left hand side. Below that you can display the members of the groups, the accounts, you may change or all members entitled to this directory.

Initial state

The next work step is  “Design & Work”.

After the “Design & Work”, we automatically land again in the View, this time with the visual representation of the planned authorization structure.

2. New state – the planned authorization structure

The view New state displays the planned authorization structure. A major difference in the current status is that in case of target status, sub-directories without explicit authorizations, under which no authorization end point exists, are not displayed. Furthermore you will normally miss the authorizations of groups “User”, “Administrators” and “Owner” coming from above. You must think that the target status is a simulation. If this is written into the target path, then the available permissions are acquired from above and is evident in the sub-directories.

New state

The next work step is “Deploy Groups”.

3. Display initial and new state

There are two buttons on the top left-hand side: “Initial state” and “New state”
These function like enable and disable, with which we can enable and/or remove the respective status at will. Thus both the status can be enabled and you can compare the authorizations in the output- and planned structure.

Initial and new state

4. Project statistic

A further component of the view is the Project statistic.


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