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At migRaven.24 / 7 Data Retention is an innovative way of archiving obsolete data.
These data make the use of the file server confusing and inefficient for the user.

Contrary to conventional archiving solutions, which generally do not change the directory structure out of false consideration for the user, this change is the intended goal of migRaven.24 / 7.

One-time or regular archiving tasks that leave no residue in the production system, ensure that the amount of data on the file server decreases steadily and not only increases. The directory structure will be cleaned up accordingly by deleting empty directories.

The big advantage of our solution lies in the division of the data into an active and passive memory area. This increases the user's view of the really important and in use files.

In the documentation you will find all necessary steps to get the system up and running.

After a maximum of 2 hours, including installation, you should be ready to use and see first results.

PDF - User Guide Data Retention

Folder Self Service

If employees from different departments work together on one project, the requirement for a suitable file storage will quickly become loud. The answer is often the same in many companies: a largely unprotected area that all employees can access.

The hope that the users delete the data stored there, confirms the rarest cases.

migRaven.24 / 7 Folder Self Service offers a whole new level of flexibility in dealing with such exchange directories.

Employees can independently create directories in a web interface and specify who has access to the directory. Since each of these directory attachments are based on a template previously configured by the administrator, a potential wild growth is already from the outset stopped.

In addition, the administrator has the option of configuring run times for created directories, after which the directories are automatically deleted.

Created directories are also automatically deleted after expiry of a runtime configured by the administrator

PDF - User Guide Folder Request

Instructions for Users & Data Owners:

By Folder Self Service Employees manage their exchange and project directories themselves. Similarly, all data owners can use the preconfigured ones Data Retention Policies for the storage of old data.

Because these functions are to be used heavily by users, we also supply the following two manuals for the departments.

Problem explained in the video: That's why you need migRaven.24/7

31.05.2019 | 04: 36 minutes | Presentator: Thomas Gomell

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