Adapt database heap size

Depending on the configuration of migRaven, it is recommended to adjust the heap size in the database config, otherwise there could be difficulties with the saving process in the database.

The installation sets a default value.

The recommended size is 50% of the available memory.
(64 GB RAM, 32 GB heap size)

You will find the neoXNUMXj.config in C: \ Program Files \migRaven DB \ conf (default installation path)

The corresponding paramenter in this case would look like this:

dbms.memory.heap.initial_size = 8192m

dbms.memory.heap.max_size = 32768m

The # is to be removed to activate the change.

Make sure to stop all services before making changes within the migRaven config

Shutting down takes place in this order:

1. migRavenADScanServiceHost
2. migRavenCore service
3. migRavenDBServiceHost
4. migRavenDB - aikuxGraph

After the appropriate values ​​have been adjusted and saved, the services can in reverse order be restarted.

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