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Analysis of the scanned data

Once a project is scanned and stored in the database, you can use the migRaven.24 / 7 tools use to get an overview of the data.

You can find them in the web client under the menu item Resource analysis

Best Practice Analysis

The best practice analysis gives you an overview of the number of authorizations set at the various levels.

Select a project in the selection and click Start query.

You will get a graphical representation of the granted rights over several levels.

Optimally, most granted permissions are at the third level. The text below gives you an insight into the calculation of the values ​​read out.

Obsolete Data Analysis

The Obsolete Data Analysis provides information about the age of the stored data. So you can filter out how many and which files may occupy unnecessary space in the directories. This is especially relevant for the Data Retention.

Select a project, the filter for the age of the data and click on Start

You get different graphics that show you the division of the data age (according to the filter) in relation to their size. Here you can see relatively clear that there is a lot of potential for moving data that is no longer relevant.

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