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From Novell to Microsoft - Migrating the Novell Trustees to a Windows Share with NTFS Rights

With migRaven You can migrate the permissions of Novell servers. This concerns both Novell Netware and Novell OES. The rights of the Novell servers are read out and must be converted into NTFS rights. This actual state is in migRaven read. migRaven migrates the permissions and creates permission and list groups. Finally created migRaven the authorization and list groups in AD and and writes the new directory tree with new permissions. All steps of the Novell migration are described step by step.

New from version 4.0: The usernames between Novell and Windows-AD do not have to be the same! With the new feature User mapping can be established via an alternative attribute in the AD connection.

0. Voraussetzungen

0.1. LDAP version 3

To identify the members of the groups listed in the trustee list migRaven An LDAP connection to your Novell server. The prerequisite is that the Novell server works with the LDAP version 3. This was introduced to 1998. migRaven requires the attributes, schemas, and standards set for this release.

0.2. AD users

The users to be transferred from Novell must be created in Windows AD beforehand.

1. Determine permissions from the Novell server

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migRaven Release Notes

migRaven Version 5.0.1009, Database version | Release date 09.08.2016


Before installing the new program version, the components of the previous version must be completely uninstalled. First, the database service "migRaven Database "finished.
Then in the Control Panel program and database "migRaven" and "migRavenDB "can be uninstalled. For the shot, the contents of the directory "c: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ DB \ data "will be deleted. It contains your old data, but it does not fit in the structure to the new version.




Innovations and fixed bugs

Optimization of the creation of GPO group policies.

In the report generator, there is a new AD function for "Checking for recursive group nesting"

The migRavenDatabase can be put on another drive or on another computer.

Under "migRaven Report API"Describes how to list the orphaned SIDs in the scanned directories.

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Transfer new permissions to old share

If the "Green Meadow" should not become the new repository for your data, then the new ACLs can be transferred to the old area.

It must be said that this can take a long time and depends on the number of files and directories you want to authorize.

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Best practice for authorization on file servers

Set Windows NTFS permissions optimally

1. introduction

We have designed this document as an introduction to authorizing file servers. It explains what permissions are available, how to forgive them and what considerations are needed. Permissions regulate access to the files, which is why it is important to handle their assignment with great care. If the permissions are given too loosely, everyone may be able to access the work contracts of all employees or other secret data. However, placing them too restrictively makes it difficult to work because employees may not be able to access data relevant to them in order to process them.

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