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Step 6: Create projects

Once everything is configured and set up, you can start creating projects.

Note: Projects are the basis for the different usage scenarios of migRaven, This documentation is about the functions of migRaven.24 / 7, which is why a "Group Policy Project" is used. Creating a project triggers a scan over an existing directory structure. The following information is read in:

  1. Directory structure (no files are recorded by name in the DB, but only their meta information is collected and added at the directory level.)
  2. Permissions: ACL of directories
  3. Meta: Age of the files: Last Change
  4. Meta: file types
  5. Meta: Owner of the files

For all meta-information both the number and the used memory are stored.

The later analyzes are always based on the scanned data. The scans can be updated regularly by a rescan.

You can create a variety of projects.

Notice: the projects should not overlap the physical structures. If \\ Server \ Share \ Va \ Vb has already been scanned, there should not be another scan, for example, where the directories are scanned a second time!

Create new project (scan)

Select "Group Policy Project" for a new project migRaven.24 / 7 project. The other project types are intended for other tasks.

Enter in the tab modus a name for your project and then click on Widthr

Enter the source path in UNC format.

By clicking on Show server / path you can check if the entered path was found correctly.

Go on over to summary and start.

Here all entered data are combined again

This is mainly relevant to the migration. click on Start reading to start the scan.

The scan will start with the specified account of Resource Scan Service carried out. Watch the counter and "folder count". This should increase continuously. If it terminates too early, the rights of the account that was deposited in the configuration may not be sufficient. Please check the registered account in Windows Services.

As soon as the scan has been completed and stored in the database, the scan status with saving is displayed. Once this happens, the project can be viewed by the administrator in the web interface.

Check the scanned data in the web client

Congratulations. You have the installation and configuration of migRaven.24 / 7 completed successfully.

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