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Step 8: Config Directory Creation (Folder Self Service)

Folder Self Service - Directory application is the answer from migRaven to the multitude of completely uncontrolled places of exchange, through which the departments exchange their files without any protection.

The directory application is a quick and easy way to provide exchange folders for a limited or larger group of users.

Once a folder has been created, all authorized users will be notified via email with the appropriate link. Prerequisite is that the e-mail function before configured has been.

In this area, the templates are created that meet the different requirements according to the following criteria:

  • storage location
  • authorization system
  • automatic deletion
  • groups

Different templates can be created and edited again.

Attention: Templates can not be deleted but only deactivated. This is prevented because the audit-proof traceability of requested / created folders should be guaranteed.

The configuration menu is located in the WebClient under Configuration / Directory Request
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