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Data retention log is not saved

In an earlier version of migRaven was it possible the path for the
To set log records within the directory.
This was on by default \ Program Data \migRaven\ Archivelog

When updating to a newer version, this setting will not be migrated appropriately.

Since version 6.3.19351 a path is explicitly required.
So if an update has been made it may cause errors in the
newer version come, ie. the log is not created.

Check if an appropriate folder is specified and set
If this is not the case.

Relevant for the data owner

The log files will continue under "ProgramData \migRaven\ archiveLog "and may not be accessible by the data owner.

Please configure a share on which also the account "Authenticated Users" has read rights, as these log files can be downloaded by the user via task monitoring.

Old surface

New surface

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Data Retention is not executed

The status of the archiving may be stuck at "Will be executed" and will not change anymore.

If this is the case, check if the anti-virus scanner has quarantined DataRetention.exe.

To be sure, it is recommended to put the whole folder MigRavenResourceScanServiceHost on the whitelist

Then restart the services.

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Selection of the Domain Controller for the AD-Scan

The AD-Scan accesses the first available DC for the scan of the selected domain. But sometimes this option is not the best or simply not desired.

In order to set the desired domain controller to the ADScanService, this can be entered in the .config.

By default is the migRavenADScanServiceHost.exe.config at:

C: \ Program Files \migRavenADScanServiceHost

The procedure is as follows:

1. Shut down the ADScanServiceHost (services)

2. Carry the desired domain controller with his IP or hostname in value = "HOSTNAME / IP" on

3. Boot up the AD ScanServiceHost again

4. Perform the scan for the desired domain

5. Conversely, perform the process around the
migRavenADScanServiceHost.exe.config to reset to the initial state.

To note:

After editing make sure that the file is saved in utf-8 format

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Project status is on -1

If a project is on -1, eg because saving was not completed correctly, it can be adjusted in the database.

(This query will set all projects to 0)

The query is:

match (u: Project) set u.status = '0' return u

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Project is not displayed in the UI

After the scan, the data is stored in the Neo4j database. Once this process is completed (saves to Db) the project should be set to 0 status, before that should migRaven under no circumstances be terminated.

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Exclude folders / paths / files from Scan

Each ResourceScanServiceHost exists under the label Service 3 attributes:


In order to exclude desired paths, folders or files from the scan, the respective values ​​must be entered here. All projects that are scanned or rescanned after this change are subject to the filter.

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HTTP Error 403.14

If the browser shows the 403.14 error message when the Web client is invoked,you should look in the Windows features for the solution:

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Adapt database heap size

Depending on the configuration of migRaven, it is recommended to adjust the heap size in the database config, otherwise there could be difficulties with the saving process in the database.

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Overlength pathnames on Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

With Windows 10 exists since the Anniversary update (Version 1607) the theoretical possibility to cancel the limit for the standard 260 character limit.

In the registry can be found below HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Filesystem a DWORD (32-bit) named LongPathsEnabled.

Under a standard installation this is with the value 0 deposited. Change this to 1 to activate the option.

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Database Service Start Problem after Java Update

1. 64bit version
Important for a Java update is that you install an 64bit version again.

2. Path of the new Java version
If you have made an update to a new Java version and for that the migRaven Database services are stopped and restarted, the following error message is displayed:

Error2: The system can not find the file specified

Error2: The system can not find the system path to the new Java version


Open the cmd console with a user who has the rights to manage windows services.

Go to the database directory, by default: C: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ bin

So tap cd C: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ bin in the console to call the directory.


Stop the database services in the services in the order before:

Core service
DB Service Host

Then enter in the cmd console:

neo4j uninstall service,

followed by neo4j install-service.

Restart the shutdown services and migRaven is ready for use again.

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