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Active Directory group configuration for NTFS permissions on Windows

migRaven Builds all permission groups in one operation and nests them as recommended by Microsoft Best Practice. (AGDLP / AGGP)
Depending on the project scope, this can be up to thousands of groups. The selection must take into account whether it is a single domain, a domain Forrest or even choked domain environments. In certain constellations you can not select every group type.

The Group configuration of migRaven The group type and name structure of the Active Directory authorization groups to be created, the creation depth of the list groups and the storage location for the new groups are specified in AD.

The group configuration must take place before the first project call, since the authorization groups are created according to this configuration during the project run.

The Rider Type The group type for the authorization groups and the storage location for them must be entered in the AD.

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