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Integration of 8MAN with migRaven - instructions

migRaven and 8MAN (updates 26.10.2016)

For the introduction of 8MAN in structures with more than 150 users, it is usually necessary to prepare the existing file server so that it can be managed with 8MAN at all. 8MAN has a high level of automation that completely manages the management of all required permission groups. But for this to work, all previous permissions must be completely switched to the 8MAN algorithm! Since 8MAN only works directory by directory, there is the program migRaventhat can provide hundreds or thousands of directories with new 8MAN compliant authorizations in one go.

Scheme of a migration of a file server with migRaven for use with 8MAN

Scheme of migrating a file server with migRaven for use with 8MAN

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