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Installation quick guide

Here are the steps to migRavenInstallation summarized with the main details and links to detailed description.

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1. preparation

1. System requirements of migRaven check.

The system requirements for the use of migRaven can be found in the following document:


2. Installing .Net Framework 4.7.2 (or higher)

The current version of migRaven requires the .NET Framework 4.7.2 to be found at

3. Installation of Java Runtime Environment

The current version of migRaven Allows you to migrate Windows shares, import permissions from a table, and migrate Novell servers. It needs the most recent migRaven Database version and thus the latest version of the Java Runtime (JRE) in the 64bit variant.

You can download the latest Windows 64bit Offline Installer from this URL:

You can check your currently installed Java version with the following CMD command: java version

Java must necessarily before migRaven be installed.

Since the Java version contains the Java version number in the Java path migRaven after a Java update the new version is not. Therefore, after a Java update for the database in the registry, the path to Java must be adapted.

For a straightforward entry, the support migRaven-Support via remote session during installation and accompanies you through all relevant functions. After only 30 - 60 minutes is the migRavenTest version and can be used for a full 21 day for the visualization, analysis and analysis of your directory and rights structure. Please check in advance only the system requirements - further preparations are not necessary.

Accompanied test position: Request now

4. Notes on installing migRaven and its components

In the first version of all components should be installed on the same machine.
For the following versions we plan to install components on different computers.
From about 50.000 AD accounts a separation of the program from the database can be advantageous.
We recommend, migRaven to install on a client to avoid creating additional load from the database during the scan on the file server.

migRaven.24 / 7 currently only supports the operating system languages ​​English & German.

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2. components consists of three programs and five services. The installer installs the components. The migration client, like its predecessor, is used to migrate NTFS permissions. With the new Web Client, you can evaluate the scanned directory and authorization data.
Background services include the database, two controlling services, and one each for scanning Active Directories and scanning file servers (resources).

The components of and their interaction.
In addition comes the migRavenInstaller with whom the migRavenComponents are installed.
* Browser and Internet Information Service are not included.

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3. Installation

In the first version, all components are installed on the same server.
For later versions it is possible to distribute components to different servers or computers.
This is useful if you like the migRavenDatabase on a fast disk of another server wants to outsource.

The migRavenComponents are automatically installed with the installer very user friendly.

If you want to use the Web Client, you must first install Internet Information Services (IIS). It is a prerequisite for the Web Client.

installation of

For the use of the Web Client, the Internet Information Service should be installed first.
Completely automatically then the installation of the components through the installer.
Then a resource scan service has to be created in the migration client.
Some features must be manually enabled or disabled. These are described exactly here.

1. Install Internet Information Services (IIS)

The IIS is only necessary when using the web client.

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1. Licensing of active accounts

migRaven is licensed for the number of active accounts. With our AD-Counter You can count the number of active accounts to be licensed.

We need this number of AD accounts for licensing, yours FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and the subdomain names you want to include. This information is encrypted in your license key.

2. Server Licensing

Ab migRavenVersion 2.1.1010 it is possible to acquire licenses for servers. There are two variants:

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What is the FQDN of my domain?

For a program license we need the FQDN of your domain. FQDN is the "Fully Qualified Domain Name "or" fully qualified domain name ". We have to differentiate between the FQDN of the domain and the FQDN of the computer. The FQDN of the computer consists of the computer name and the FQDN of the domain, eg "Rechner.test.local". We need the FQDN of the domain, in this case "test.local".

Please use our licensing tool ADCounter, um the number of User Accounts, on the our licensing of migRaven based, determine.

If you subdomains you must also specify these when ordering the license. The subdomains are entered encrypted in the license key so that migRaven she scans.

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