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Build up NTFS list permissions optimally

1. Need for list permissions

As a rule, access rights to NTFS file servers are not lower than 1. Assign directory level. As soon as this is the case, you have to make sure that the user can also browse through the file system to the appropriate directory. There are different possibilities with different effects.

2. Variants of the allocation of list rights

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Allocation of list rights

In order to access authorization endpoints in lower directories, the authorized users require list rights. Two types of groups can be used for this purpose: special list groups on the one hand and the authorization groups that are created for the authorization endpoint on the other.

Here is to be shown how both types of groups interact and that their advantages and disadvantages are balanced when they are used together.

1. The use of list and authorization groups for the allocation of list rights

1.1. Why list rights?

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