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Step 1: Prerequisites for installation migRaven.24/7

Here you will find a guide migRavenTo install and set up .24 / 7 on your own.

System requirements and preparation

Before you start the installation, make sure that the server has the Minimum requirements of migRaven.24/7 equivalent.

So that the migRavenInstall.msi requires two additional components to be installed:

  1. Make sure .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher is installed download
  2. Make sure Java Runtime Environment is installed download (64 bit)
  3. Make sure the following ports are open and accessible: 7687, 8077, 8099, 8999, 10291

For Windows Server 2008 R2 at least .NET Framework 4.6 must be installed.
The basic requirement for this update is the installation of Windows Server 2008 SP1, otherwise an error message will be issued that does not support .NET Frameworks 4.6 on this system.

Required accounts:

Domain account for reading Active Directory: recommended "Local System"

"Admin" account with the right to browse through the complete file system and to read all rights.

Add features

To complete the preparations certain Windows features are needed, which must be activated in the Windows interface.

To do this, open Add roles and features.

Under Windows Server, the menu item is located under Manage.

Under Windows you will find the settings under Apps & Features.
Click there Programs and Features and open in the newly opened window Turn Windows features on or off.

(Administrator rights required)

Put the check mark for the following items:

  • WWW Services - Common HTTP Features - Static content
  • Internet Information Services - Web Administration Tools - IIS Management Console
  • Application Development Features - ASP.NET 4.6 (or higher)
  • Security - Windows Authentication
  • WCF services - HTTP Activation

Once the changes have been made you can proceed to the actual installation of migRaven.24 / 7.

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