Create data retention jobs

Activation happens in the directory tree of migRaven Web client. This option will not be visible until after
at least one data owner has been set to an overlying directory.

By default, the data owner is the only role which data retention operations can start. In order to make this right accessible to other users, this must be enabled in the Windows client.

A description can be found under Set Data Owner.

Data Retention Policies

ADHoc data retention jobs

In the directory tree, the data owner (with activated data retention) finds the option for the regular, as well as for the ad-hoc-Datenaufbewahrung.

If one of these options is selected, the corresponding mask for starting opens.


Here you can specify the appropriate age category for the files to be archived.

The execution times are displayed here, but they can not be changed anymore because they have been set in the settings by the administrator.

If desired, certain folders within the directory can be excluded.

(For example, old data may still be relevant and must be available)

Enter this in the appropriate field. Add a comment and save. The process will be carried out as soon as possible.


AdHoc archiving performs the operation immediately, not after a specified time. Also select the appropriate age category (or all files), enter a comment and starten The process. If the entire directory is emptied, you can use Delete empty entry directory remove the remaining, empty directory.

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