Data retention log is not saved

In an earlier version of migRaven was it possible the path for the
To set log records within the directory.
This was on by default \ Program Data \migRaven\ Archivelog

When updating to a newer version, this setting will not be migrated appropriately.

Since version 6.3.19351 a path is explicitly required.
So if an update has been made it may cause errors in the
newer version come, ie. the log is not created.

Check if an appropriate folder is specified and set
If this is not the case.

Relevant for the data owner

The log files will continue under "ProgramData \migRaven\ archiveLog "and may not be accessible by the data owner.

Please configure a share on which also the account "Authenticated Users" has read rights, as these log files can be downloaded by the user via task monitoring.

Old surface

New surface

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