Check database

The of migRaven used database neo4j requires Java.

To view the status, there is a web-based dashboard. This can be reached via the link http: // localhost: 7474 or http: // 7474.

If you can see this screen, the database is running!

Web access is limited to "localhost" by default, which ensures that you can not access from outside. If you want to separate the application and the database, which makes sense in larger scenarios (in terms of the number of accounts and the size of the projects), you can call the database remotely. But you have to Adjustments migRaven and the database configuration be made.

The user can view the database but not change it.
The access data for the login are:

User: migRavenDBReader
Password: migR75%

The number of output results can be manually canceled on 1000 lines

More interesting information about your database

Under http://localhost:7474/webadmin/# get information about the stored datasets.

Under http://localhost:7474/webadmin/#/info/org.neo4j/Kernel/ and the entry "StoreDirectory" tells you which directory your database is located in.

(the links only work if you have the database installed on this machine)

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