Basic configuration of migRaven.24/7

The migRaven Client is initially designed for migration. In order to save time and not have to provide the same information with each new scan, you can save it once for all future projects.

Click below configuration on the menu item Settings to call the surface.

Enter a corresponding OU in the field. If you are not migrating, you can simply use a placeholder here. eg: test.domain / test
In the case of a regular project, all generated authorization groups are written to the registered OU. If the specified OU does not exist, it is generated when the authorization groups are written.

The entries to be defined (OU, group type) fulfill several functions:

Domains Local Groups, Universal Groups, Global Groups

Define here which group type should be used. All future created groups will be created by default using the template defined here.

In the OU (Canonical name)
Enter a corresponding OU in your domain here. Within this OU, all generated groups and list authorizations are created by default for each project. But you can also start one
enter another OU new project.

Save these settings to automatically fill in for each future project.

E-mail configuration

In order to be able to export the various reports and lists, or just to receive notifications, the e-mail configuration must be made once.

Go to the menu Email configuration.

Enter an available e-mail server here (Ex: The used e-mail account for the sending of the mails is here still with the appropriate E-Mail address and the pertinent password deposited.

The maximum batch size determines how many messages can be sent at the same time.

Save the information.

You will be asked to verify the settings. Enter an e-mail address to receive the confirmation code. Enter it after receipt and click on To confirm.

First open the web interface

Open the web interface using the FQDN "http: //servername.domain"

The login to the web interface is done via the integrated authentication of the Windows client and the browser.

The recommended browser is Chrome.

If your logged in user is detected and the admin role has been assigned in the configuration, you will see the following page. Otherwise, an error message is output.

Now check the deposited e-mail address for your account and adapt it otherwise.

You can see here the assigned user role "migRaven Administrator".

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