Folder Self Service - directory creation

Note: How to create a directory using the Desktop Client can be found here:

Create the folders you need based on templates.
As the owner, manage the permissions at any time. Set or revoke permissions in seconds - without IT support.

Click on "Create directory" to create a new folder and set up access for other employees to this new folder:

It opens on the right side a menu under which you get the different options for the new directory:

Select / change a template

When you create a new directory, a template is selected by default. The following example uses the template "Exchange template - 12 days deletion".

If you want to use a different template for your new folder, click in the template window. This will open the selection of templates:

Now you have the option of selecting a template that suits you best for the new directory you want to create.

Name directory

In the next step, give the new directory a name.

Type this in the box, as in the following example "User's Guide":

The new folder you create will be attached to the displayed directory path. In this example, the path would be after creating the new directory \\ ad \ Public \ Exchange \ User ring.

Register directory owners

When you create a new folder, you are also set as directory owner. Your username will be displayed automatically.

You can designate another employee as responsible person. To do this, type in the username of your colleague and wait until migRaven Make you an appropriate proposal. Select it by clicking in the blue area.

The additional responsible user is transferred to the system and automatically receives "change plus" rights to the new directory:

Authorize employees to the directory

You can now specify who should receive "read and execute" rights or "change plus" permissions to the new folder. Proceed in exactly the same way as when creating an additional directory administrator: Enter user name - wait for the system suggestion and then select.

Specify further settings / expiry date

In migRaven At the same time as you create it, you can also specify a runtime for the new directory. This is useful, for example, with folders for exchanging files that you only need a short time. In order for these newly created directories not to burden the entire file storage in the long term, you should specify an expiry date directly.

To ensure that you really no longer need the folder and its contents, you will be informed by email before the end of the term. So you can possibly extend the term again.

Click in the selection to determine the runtime in days for the new directory to be created.

Leave a comment

Use the opportunity to use the comment field to inform your colleagues who are part of the new directory. These receive your message directly as an email. For example, briefly explain the purpose for which you are creating the new folder.

Save your details and click "Create"

Important: to preserve your settings and really create the new directory, you must click CREATE.

After a short wait, the view automatically returns to the start screen. As soon as the new directory has been read in by the system, it is displayed in the overview.

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