migraven Database Service Start Problem after Java Update

The automatic update of Java has the problem that the database used can no longer find the correct Java version after the update and therefore cannot start. For this reason, the new Java version must be saved in the Configuration database.

1. 64bit version
Important for a Java update is that you install an 64bit version again.

2. Path of the new Java version
If you have updated to a new Java version and the migRaven Database services are stopped and restarted, the following error message is displayed:

Error2: The system can not find the file specified

Error 2: The system cannot find the system path to the new Java version


Open the cmd console with a user who has the rights to manage windows services.

Go to the database directory, by default: C: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ bin

So tap cd C: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ bin in the console to call the directory.


Stop the database services in the services in the order before:

Core service
DB Service Host

Then enter in the cmd console:

neo4j uninstall service,

followed by neo4j install-service.

Restart the shutdown services and migRaven is ready for use again.

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