Database Service Start Problem after Java Update

1. 64bit version
Important for a Java update is that you install an 64bit version again.

2. Path of the new Java version
If you have made an update to a new Java version and for that the migRaven Database services are stopped and restarted, the following error message is displayed:

Error2: The system can not find the file specified

Error2: The system can not find the system path to the new Java version


Open the cmd console with a user who has the rights to manage windows services.

Go to the database directory, by default: C: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ bin

So tap cd C: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ bin in the console to call the directory.


Stop the database services in the services in the order before:

Core service
DB Service Host

Then enter in the cmd console:

neo4j uninstall service,

followed by neo4j install-service.

Restart the shutdown services and migRaven is ready for use again.

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