1. Licensing of active accounts

migRaven is licensed for the number of active accounts. With our AD-Counter You can count the number of active accounts to be licensed.

We need this number of AD accounts for licensing, yours FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) and the subdomain names you want to include. This information is encrypted in your license key.

2. Server Licensing

Ab migRavenVersion 2.1.1010 it is possible to acquire licenses for servers. There are two variants:

2.1. Specification of server names or IP addresses

You specify the names of the servers: eg Srv accounting, Srv production, or, You can scan exactly these given names, not others. That is, in the registry the server name "Srv Accounting" is the IP address of the server is not accepted.

2.2. Specification of the server number

For this licensing model, they only specify the number of servers. When you scan a server, its name is included in the license file. If the number is exhausted, you can not read any more servers.

This has the advantage that you do not yet have to set the server name.

But this has the following mechanisms that you should consider:

- Give once the server name, the other time for the same server the IP address, that costs two licenses.

- Scan (test) a share of your client costs a license.

- Entering a server name incorrectly costs a server license.

This server licensing is a new feature. We are aware that we need to make this licensing model even more customer-friendly.

As long as servers are added to the registry, the license that we review over the web changes. Should migRaven must be installed on another machine, the last license file mr.cfg get picked up.

Learn more about licensing.

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