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Here you will find all the articles that are relevant for the migRaven One installation are. Under the individual keywords are links to the respective topic-related contributions.

migRaven One differs by various features of the migRaven 5.0 installation, including the Web / Data Owner Client, Here is an overview of the migRaven 24 / 7 components.

Prerequisites Installation

Internet Information Services (IIS)


Read AD

Group type configuration

Group name configuration

List right configuration

Rights suffix configuration

Roles and Accounts configuration

Configure Remote Services

E-Mail Services configuration

Overview of project types in migRaven One

Group Policy Project

ReDesign project

Table import project

Novell migrations are in migRaven One no longer supported. For a Novell project is migRaven 5.0 used

Data Owner Client

authorization structure

Symbols in migRaven

project statistics

The controls in the view

Rights mapping

Design & Work

Tables mode
Different destination directory

Drag and drop mode

Set permissions


Controls in the View

colleagues check

Indicating AD attributes

Modify Plus

Interrupt inheritance

CSV â € "export

Report generator

Report Generator AD Queries

FSP - Foreign Security Principals

data Storage

directory application and directory creation


Structure of the database

Key values ​​for permissions and propagation

Show directories and permissions of a group

View directories and permissions of a user

Last login of users and expiration date of user accounts

Report API with Query Language Cypher

Show orphaned SIDs

Find a string in object names and OUs

Determine effective permissions on directories

Find recursive group relationships

Find similar accounts

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