Neo4j - migRaven DB Backup and Restore

One-time backup of the migRaven Database

Basically, the continuous backup for the migRaven Database can be set up. This can be organized using Windows tasks. 
To do this, create a task with the following action:

"C: \ Program Files \migRavenDB \ bin \ neo4j-admin.bat "backup --backup-dir = \\ Server \ Share --from = localhost --name =migRaven.backup

The –backup-dir folder can of course vary according to your own ideas. We recommend saving on an extra server.
Further details on the backup function can be found on the website of the database manufacturer:

Regular backups for the migRaven Set up database:

Use the Windows Server Task Scheduler.

Set up two jobs that back up to two different directories. Then you have two versions of the backup and can go back two days if necessary.

For example: 1st job Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 2nd job: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Restore the database

Please contact the helpdesk at migRaven. We are happy to accompany you.


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